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                “You, there!!”       

** Simply tap play above and enjoy! Production of :”Hey, MARINE!” was made possible by Jr Vice Commandant of the Marine Corps League Dept of Texas through the inspirational way in which he leads, actions out in front! If anyone should happen to stumble over Patrick Murray while in North Texas**


“That’s better, Marine!  Now listen up!  YOU have found the East Bay’s Marine Corps League! THIS League Detachment is honored to carry the name LT. FRANK REASONER, and….”

“…what was that Marine?!?”

“WHO?  Who is Lieuten ……*”               *stops, breaths in, and regains a calm demeanor*.

“All right, MARINE, this is the drill,…”

“…everything you need to know about THIS MCL Detachment can be found by clicking on the “ABOUT US” tab up at the top. In this HOME Page’s Menu Area, which is below the HOME Page Title, East Bay’s Marine Corps League, Lt. Frank Reasoner Detachment 919“.

“Go there and brush up on our local history, and then EXPLORE, MARINE! You remember Land Nav in 2nd Phase?”


“You served a while back?  Maybe more than a while back?” 

“Not to worry, MARINE!”

There will be clear instructions on how to use each part of this website made available for you!”

 “OUR GOAL is to make access and usage and communication between members and visitors to the site EASIER than before!”

“We let our COMMS team worry about the technical stuff!” 

“Remember MARINE, this site is an interactive site that depends on its USERS for FEEDBACK!”

Marine, Corpsman, or Chaplain, Active, Reserve, or Veteran,…doesn’t matter,…”

“…we need you to SOUND OFF and let us know how we can make using the website better for you. You can SOUND OFF at…”


This will get a message to COMMS,…they don’t do much anyway, so why not?”


GET OUTTA MY BEARD,…you heard me…